Poetry Workshop Format

These online workshops are conducted live, over Zoom. I am also available for in-person workshops in classrooms or other sites as circumstances allow. TO REGISTER, PLEASE EMAIL ME: montereybound AT gmail DOT com.

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Fire, Air, Water, Earth: a framework for thinking about revision
Sunday, 16 June 2024, Live on Zoom

Pacific: 11am-1pm; East Coast: 2pm-4pm; Ireland/UK: 7pm-9pm
This is an all genders workshop!

Do you have a piece of writing that hasn’t yet come alive? Do you have an idea you’re hoping to shape into a poem? In this workshop, we’ll use the four elements to breathe life into what we’re working on.

In Fire, Air, Water, Earth, you’ll toggle between investigating the provided examples of poems by incredible folks like Kim Addonizio, Kevin Young, Joy Harjo, Rick Barot & others and diving into your own work guided by prompts. The prompts will offer techniques to move you toward experimentation around FIRE (tension, heat, risk), AIR (breath & pacing, white space), WATER (softness, dreamy qualities, blurred realities), and EARTH (grounded images, the ordinary, the body, bounty & plenty). Your poem may be looking for a balance of two or more of the elements, or it may want to surrender itself at the altar of a single one. Vocabulary, tone, form, and musicality are some of the ways to add or shift the elemental balance in your writing, and we’ll use the poems we read together to help us gather ideas.

While I hope you’ll come away with work further along than it was when you began, the focus of our time will be to create a laboratory—perhaps trying out various elements and balances on a single piece, or taking one piece and making of it multiple starts. Come with an open mind.

Registration window: May 23-June 6
Payment accepted: June 6-June 9 ($30 or free for paid Ask the Poet subscribers)



EIGHT-WEEK SESSION: October/November 2024. Sliding scale.

See below for fees and payment methods. Partial scholarships available.

Classes currently run on Thursdays @ 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern/5pm UK & Ireland. Other times available by popular demand.

Intimate groups: No more than eight participants.
Personalized follow-up material: Based on what comes out of each session.
Contemporary voices: With a focus on marginalized voices.
Live writing time: Not just quick-writes, also longer explorations (30-45 min).
Affordability: Sliding scale rates and discounts for return participants.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

That being said, the general format I follow begins with a short warm-up exercise to play with language and get our minds on topic. After the warm-up, we read 1-2 poems/poets, exploring them for craft as well as our own emotional responses. We move from the poems into writing prompts and writing time. Then, the group re-convenes to share writing or process as each individual wishes; there is no obligation to do so. Unless the writer is interested in particular feedback or requests no feedback, those with something to offer about what was shared speak briefly on something they appreciated about what they heard. As we all understand the writing is fresh and unfinished, the focus is not on critique but rather on craft and techniques of using the writing of others toward generating our own.

The core SOBI (Small Observances, Big Ideas) workshops are ongoing and run in 8-week blocks that take place weekly in two-hour sessions. Groups range from 4-8 people. Sliding scale $225-290 payable via Venmo (@kathrynpetruccelli) or Paypal (montereyboundATgmailDOTcom). There is also an option to add in a one-hour private session ($30 when attached to a series.). Return participants receive a 10% discount. Partial Scholarships available for Poets of Color.

Write me at montereybound AT gmail DOT com to reserve your spot. If you are interested in alternative meeting times, please contact me–with four people interested we can make it happen. For more shorter-run workshops check out the Poetry is Not a Luxury Series below.

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