Workshops for Youth

**A link to my video conversation with Dr. Megan Allen of The Community Classroom on ways to think about college application essays.**


One thing I learned is that poems can be very interesting and they can be about almost anything.                                                                                                                          – Anna
My favorite part was when we were able to make a poem and share it. – Mateo
My students created some really beautiful poetry when Kathryn came into my classroom. She is engaging, fun and related well with all my sophomores. She kept all the students on task and they could sense her connection to the poems and activities she had them read and work on.  Kathryn had some great warm-up activities which helped my students gain confidence as well as foster a new love and appreciation for poetry. The highlight was the last day when Kathryn ended the class sharing one of her lovely poems.
– Sarah DeSantis, Palma High School, Salinas, California

In the business of ‘herding cats,’ Kathryn was a poet I could rely on. Not only did I know she would be prompt and professional in her planning and communication ahead of a school visit, I knew that the day of the big event she would deliver. Some folks can write a great lesson plan; others can adapt their approach to the students in front of them—Kathryn can do both and it’s pure magic to watch the young writers respond to her.
– Erica Charis-Molling, MassPoetry, Boston, Massachusetts
        Poetry can be fun! – Danny